Panik complaisante

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Programmation musicale du lundi 21 mars 2011 de l'émission La Tentative (7h30 à 10h)
sur Radio Panik 105.4 Bruxelles

01. Calla. Monument
02. Françoìs & The Atlas Mountains. Golden Lips
03. Deer Tick. Nebraska
04. Peggy Sue. Yo Mama  
05. Fever Ray. Keep The Streets Empty For Me
06. The Deep Dark Woods. The Straight and Narrow
07. Pieta Brown. Goin' Away Blues
08. The Byrds. I am a pilgrim
09. Crooks. My First
10. The Allman Brothers. One Way Out
11. NewVillager. Lighthouse   
12. The Organ. Steven Smith
13. Comet Gain. Love Without Lies
14. The Cramps. Blue Moon Baby
15. Fantastic Plastic Machine Tanimoody Mix (Paolo Scotti). There Must Be An Angel
16. Ol' Dirty Bastard Featuring Kelis. Got Your Money
17. House Of Pain And Everlast. Jump Around
18. Kanye West. Throw Som