Panik naïve

Programmation musicale du lundi 23 janvier de l'émission La Tentative (7h30 à 10h) sur Radio Panik 105.4 Bruxelles

01. Bon Iver. Skinny Love   
02. Birdy. Skinny Love
03. Rebel Drones. Drugs
04. Marble Sounds. Good occasions  
05. The Only One. The Dolly rocker movement
06. White Plains. When you are a King    
07. Megafaun. Impressions of the past   
08. Howler. I told you once
09. Britta Persson. Meet a bear   
10. The Bottom Blues. ???     
11. The Rubettes. Sugar baby love
12. The Maccabees. Love you better
13. The Cribs. Men's needs    
14. Lacrosse. So sad 
15. The Vaccines. Good guys don't wear white