Panik NYC

 Programmation musicale du lundi 20 février de l'émission La Tentative (7h30 à 10h) sur Radio Panik 105.4fm Bruxelles

01. Belle & Sebastian. Piazza, New York catcher
02. The Velvet Underground. Chelsea girls
03. Snow Patrol. New York
04. LCD Soundsystem. New York i love you but you
05. A Camp. Chinatown
06. Franck Sinatra. New York, New York
07. Gil Scott-Heron. New York city
08. Ebony Bones. Guess we'll always have N.Y.
09. Sting- Beatbox. Englishman in New York
10. ESG. You're no good
11. New York Dolls. Looking for a kiss
12. John Lennon. New York city
13. The Kills. What New York used to be
14. The Strokes. New York City cops
15. Yeah Yeah Yeahs .Yeah New York
16. Beastie Boys. An open letter to NYC
17. Funeral Party. New York City moves to the sound of L.A.