Panik lavée

Programmation musicale du lundi 12 mars de l'émission La Tentative (tout les lundis matin de 7h30 à 10h) sur Radio Panik 105.4 fm à Bruxelles

01. The Ink Spots. Maybe
02. Best Coast. Our deal
03. Candy Claws. 6 Silent time of earth 
04. The Bluetones. Sleazy bed track
05. Bat For Lashes. Howl
06. The Myrrors. Warpainting
07. Tame Impala. Runway, houses, city, clouds
08. Sleepy Sun. Wild Machines
09. The Five Americans. Western union
10. The Organ. Steven Smith
11. Metric. Black sheep
12. Bananafishbones. Come to sin
13. Beat Mark. Breeezing
14. Moon Duo. Mazes
15. Brian Le Barton. Threshold